Hyperdimension Neptunia U gameplay trailer

Compile Heart and Tamsoft have released the first gameplay trailer for Hyperdimenion Neptunia U, its upcoming action game spin-off of the Neptunia series from the developers of Senran Kagura.

The clip shows off the game#8217s action-oriented gameplay, interchangeable character system, costume damage, EXE Drive transformation skill, returning playable characters, and new playable characters.

Additionally, over at the game#8217s official website, Compile Heart has detailed the game#8217s quest selection, character selection, and quest capture.

After players select and clear a quest, an event will occur and the story will advance. In the #8220World#8221 screen, players can accept quests, manage character equipment, and set-up a variety of other options. When you select a quest, you#8217ll be presented with various details, such as clear conditions and enemies at a glance.

After selecting a quest, you can choose up to two characters, which you can switch between on the fly using the game#8217s dual character system.

Finally, after you begin a quest, the clear condition will be displayed on-screen upon entry to the dungeon. As you progress, enemies will appear, dropping items and medals as you defeat them. Once you meet the clear conditions, the quest will end.

Watch the new trailer below. The game is due out for PS Vita in Japan on August 28.



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