Let Coldplay Take You on a Tour of Mexico City in New "A Hea

Perennial hit-making band Coldplay released a new music video for #8220A Head Full of Dreams,#8221 the earnest titular song on their latest (and last) album on Friday. The video harkens back to an era of grainy found footage photography, taking us through scenes of Mexico City while sampling a voiceover from Charlie Chaplin#8217s 1940 film The Great Dictator.

#8220We all want to help one another mdash human beings are like that. We want to live by each other#8217s happiness, not by each other#8217s misery. We don#8217t want to hate or despise each other,#8221 the narration goes. #8220For those who can hear me, I say, do not despair. The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed, the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress.#8221

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It isn#8217t until over a minute into the video that Chris Martin and his cohort appear in the arty, vintage-style shots, cruising on bicycles through the Mexico City streets as the song (and life outlook) picks up. It#8217s no Viva la Vida, but it is a nice pick-me-up of a tune, in classic Coldplay style.

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